Vavona Burr

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Vavona Burr
The burr is a small segment of a tree, an outgrowth on the body or its roots. Its natural marking makes it rare and sought after, with a random grain pattern and exotic swirling that is unique to each tree. The Vavona comes from the majestic Redwood, native to the Pacific coast of North America. 


Our hand-finished flexible hinge, wooden notebooks, available in a beautiful selection of natural woods, are a stylish alternative to the run-of-the-mill notebook.

Whether you opt for lined paper or quality cartridge, the paper pads are easily re-fillable, allowing these journals to become much-loved keepsakes that get better with age.

The charm of this product lies in the craftsmanship – a beautiful piece of wood, strategically laser cut to make it flexible. 


Please note: As wood is a natural product, your product will be completely unique and may differ slightly from the photos. Photo showing the inside of the book is purely an example (of Lacewood).